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Lessons can be tailored to your needs and although some hard-working students take two lessons per week, the minimum is one.  You should make sure you have all your student course materials before we start your studies and I can help you with these choices in plenty of time before your first lesson.  

We start with a free-of-charge interview where we talk about what you have done and what you would like to achieve and from this, we either talk about a placement test for you (to find your level) or (if you have a more definite idea of what you want) your options for a course of study.

Following this interview, we draw up your booking contract. Your course deposit is payable on acceptance of the agreement and the remainder of your fees become due. All payments are in advance and you can choose to pay either in cash or by bank transfer. Once we have agreed your study schedule, those dates and times are reserved for you alone—we never double-book and with the same reliable times every week you will find it easier to plan your life around your studies.

Session rates

Full courses of study

A full course of study is one which takes in a complete course text such as face2face, New Headway, Objective or similar and depending on the text and the entry level of the student, it may (or may not) include a study across levels as prescribed in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). As the teaching practice has grown and expanded we have found that two basic lesson schedules meet the demands of most students.

The longer lessons generally involve a greater focus on speaking and conversation skills which start to become more complex at B1 (CEFR) but which also benefits older students who may not get much (if any) exercise using English outside the classroom. We count 36 lessons in the academic year.

The basic booking contract covers the period of the "academic year" between the beginning of September and the end June but this can easily be extended for students who wish to continue their studies over the Summer holiday. Students who already have a contract would need to pay for the extra lessons but these would be charged at the same rate (per lesson) as that stated on their existing contract.

Contracts are reviewed and revised as necessary at the beginning of each academic year and students who are continuing on an extended course of study (one year plus) sign a new contract at that time. As it is with any contract, terms and conditions apply but the point of the annual review is to offer the least disruption to our continuing students while continuing to streamline our services, remain competitive and provide ALL our students with the best value-for-money learning experience there is.

Oxford Online Placement Test

The Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT) for first time students is an adaptive online test you take at your leisure, in your own time. It is adaptive in the sense that it calculates your proficiency for each question and selects the next task based on your answer. If you answer incorrectly, it gives you easier questions and, if you answer correctly… it gets harder! It also means the test is never the same twice. This is a test that tailors itself to you.

The end result is a score based on your proficiencies in grammatical form, grammatical meaning and pragmatic meaning. The results of these tests have proven themselves to be the most efficient and accurate assessment of a student's ability, time after time. Reliable and informative, I analyse the results of your test in a written report and take you step-by-step through the assessment process to construct a highly detailed picture of the range of your current levels of ability and provide suggestions for study based on what you CAN do, not what you can't. The review of your test takes place in a seperately arranged 60 minute session.

* Highly recommended for anyone who is returning to study after several years away from English or who are simply curious!

Full courses of study for groups of two or more

For those who think they might enjoy the supportive learning environment and social opportuinites of group study I also offer classes based on a range of standard course texts. These students enjoy a reduced rate but can avail themselves of all the benefits of an individual course of study… without the burden of regular homework. Individual students (depending on their preferences) regularly take home 30-60 minutes of homework every week. The benefits of group study include a higher degree of spoken Czech in the classes and this makes them especially suitable for students at the beginning of their studies of English.

As before, classes are offered in 45 or 55 minute sessions throughout the academic year depending on the level of study and age of students.

Non-standard courses of study

Short courses for individual students

Short courses can be anything from a single, individual lesson to something a little more extended. Study materials are provided as necessary and there are no course texts to buy (unless you really want to, of course)! The sessions might cover your choice of refresher courses in grammar, copy or creative writing, the uses of English in social or professional settings, or topic based conversation. Students on these courses normally have a definite set of requirements and as such they typically involve a higher degree of preparation. This can provide students with an interesting departure from the normal courses of study and will appeal to those of you who have a clear set of goals for your English in mind.

Lessons are based on a 55 minute session once per week for an agreed duration but (time permitting) may be made longer according to your needs. The basic rate (multiplied by the number of lessons you want to book) and deposit are based on a 55 minute session.

Custom courses and commercial contracts

Please note that if you are a business owner or manager seeking to provide your staff with training in English, these prices are subject to negotiation and while the prices above should provide you with a guide to the cost of my services I must also evaluate other additonal factors such as the higher level of preparation required for customised courses, the means of delivery and whether any additonal special arrangements need to be made. Please contact me to discuss your requirements, for more information and a quote on request.

Additional costs

Before you take the brave step of starting your new English course, you should consider the expenses that will be incurred in your study, books, exams and perhaps more important than any other single thing, the time you will spend in a dedicated course of study—a complete and comprehensive course of study can take 18 months from start to finish and some of my continuing students are now in their fourth year with me. Any additional financial costs due to Native Speaker for services provided will be fully outlined and discussed with you before you sign any contract.

Proof-reading and copy editing

In addition to the teaching of English I also offer proofreading services for private and commercial clients.

For text in relatively good condition mechanical corrections consist of modest grammatical corrections and basic idiomatic amendments but if the text has been translated from Czech by an inexperienced English speaker it may require copy editing where the semantic structure also requires more extended review, revision and rewriting.

Any changes are noted for your approval before the final draft is made. You should send the copy to me along with a description of your project brief before we agree on the commission so that I can assess the level and type of work required and give you an estimate of the total cost and delivery time of the project.